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Melissa Johnson

I just found you! So, I have been following you. Post how the wood floor works out. I have used these types of flooring many times and, unfortunately, they always warp on me. It's a real pain. What I have used for bathrooms and kitchen floors is really, really cheap peel and stick one foot square tiles from Home Depot. Then I cut them with a heavy duty paper cutter into one inch squares. I stick them on graph paper (to keep everything square) then glue the whole sheet on the dollhouse floor. Works well for me!

lisa shobhana

uh oh. grr.. i hope they don't warp! i used glued and i put heavy books on top. the wood seemed fairly heavy to me (not like the crap wood flooring i've seen at Hobby Lobby), so perhaps the weight will make it less likely to warp? i like your idea for tile, but it sounds like it's probably too labor intensive for me! lol


Just came across your blog....warping in flooring is almost always caused by moisture. In trying to stay away from chemical based finishes, many people tend to use waterbased finishes, which become part of the problem, as they dilute the adhesive. PRD Miniatures will soon be offering flooring on our website, which will be laser cut from 10mil veneer sheets, with peel and stick adhesive on the backside. You will also be able to cut and splice where needed, just by using an exacto knife and straight edge.

Just a suggestion on finishing your floor. Try doing a light sanding with 400+ grit sandpaper, and then finish with Watco liquid finishing wax. It comes in natural for light woods, and dark for darker woods. When you apply the wax, poor a small amount onto a rag, then wipe it onto your floor. While the wax is still wet, use your fine sandpaper and sand the floor. This will work the wax into the grain, giving you an ultra smooth finish. Once the wax is dry, buff it out with a rag until ultra smooth. That should be it! No messy polyurathane to deal with, and easy to keep clean.

lisa shobhana


thanks for the advice! i'm looking forward to checking out your flooring!

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